My name is Olivia Mignone [oʊ.ˈlɪvi.ə mɪn.’joʊn] and I am a third year PhD Student in Linguistics at The Graduate Center, CUNY. My advisor is Dr. Juliette Blevins. I also teach at Lehman College as a Graduate Teaching Fellow. I received my MA in Linguistics from Stony Brook University with Dr. Lori Repetti as my advisor.

My research interests include Ainu phonology, Japanese phonology, and endangered language documentation and revitalization. My work within phonology mainly utilizes the Optimality Theory framework.

My most recent project is an investigation of glottal stop epenthesis in Ainu, specifically arguing that glottal stop epenthesis is a purely phonological phenomenon as compared to glide insertion, the latter being sensitive to prosodic word boundaries.

Past sociolinguistic research I have conducted involved a semiotic analysis of the linguistic landscape of Jackson Heights, Queens. I have also done a contextual analysis of unique orthographic tokens in comments on the Japanese video hosting site niconico.

Email: omignone@gradcenter.cuny.edu

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